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View all Special Promotions here Whether you are a businessman with raising sale ambition or a developer with faster mobile apps creation needs, FluxStore & FluxBuilder always provide you with the most optimized solutions. Faster- Smoother- Closer.

FluxBuilder Tips

🙋‍♂️ How to deal with not seeing my Products or Categories (or Slow Loading) on FluxBuilder? 🙋‍♂️ How can I fetch a page from my site Not as a Web View on App? 🙋‍♂️ Put a POPUP when the client opens Your App easily view an event, sale, or an important announce. 🙋‍♂️ How to show or hide Out-of-stock [...]

💥White-label FluxBuilder version⚡️FluxBuilder Agencies

Want to build Apps for your clients, but you do not know deeply how to code, do not know how to use Xcode, and don’t even have a Mac to build iOS? FluxBuilder Agencies — White-label version of the famous drag-and-drop FluxBuilder app builder.👉 Dynamic plan is released on FluxBuilder 2.0.3 or later, featuring flexible pricing. Building Your […]

Announcing FluxBuilder 1.7.0

Following the successes of the 1.6.1 version, InspireUI upgraded FluxBuilder one of the most user-friendly and powerful no-code App Builders available today, to version 1.7.0🚀 Try Now Accompanying the newly released version are not only powerful internal upgrades that significantly optimize the app creation process, but also the trendiest features such as ⛳️chatGPT, BioMetric, FluxGPT (Open AI) application, and tons of amazing new […]

Announcing FluxBuilder 1.5.x

(1) Support BigCommerce 🅱️ FluxStore BigCommerce app helps to build apps for your BigCommerce website. FluxBuilder supports to customize app’s Design and Features by drag&drop. (2) New TikTok videos widget 🎸 Show the Tiktok widget on the Homepage of FluxStore apps (3) Remap Categories ****🗺 Many users like to define a new category tree that […]

Announcing FluxBuilder 1.3.x

1. New AppBar ⭐️2. New Templates📱3. New Side Menu✨4. New Settings Screen🍀5. New Product Horizontal💥6. Many Improvements💫 1. New App Bar ⭐️ Similar to the bottom TabBar that we have updated on version 1.2.x, now it is possible to control the AppBar template or customize the design properties. AppBar can be enabled on many screens […]

Announcing FluxBuilder 1.2.x

NEW FEATURES(1) New Color Preview & Bulk Design✨(2) New Real-time Mobile Design Preview 📲(3) Add Dynamic screen into Design Layout🚀(4) New Configure Features🔥 Firebase features + Firebase Setting📒 + Firebase Push Notification📡 + Dynamic Link🗾 + Firebase Realtime Chat🚀(Extended License) + Firebase Remote Config 🚀(Extended License) General Features + Loading Icon⏳ + OnBoarding screen📱 + […]

Guide to use FluxBuilder

This guide shows you the way to use this awesome FluxBuilder tool. You can refer and subscribe to the Youtube InspireUI Channel for free instructional videos. Full document of FluxBuilder is in 1. Download and Install Where to download FluxBuilder? Windows and MacOS: download the latest release here. Then unzip and install it following this video.Web version: 2. […]

Announcing FluxBuilder 1.x

v1.1.0 changelog—-New features+ Support FluxStore Listing app 🎑+ Support FluxStore Strapi app 🔥+ Sync Design to Website & 🖼+ Support Flutter installation 💽+ Android Builder + iOS Builder 📲 + Product + Order management 🛍 + Brand new Design and UX improvement ✨ 1. FluxStore Listing & FluxStore Strapi support After a few months […]

Customize the app design (Video)

Would you like to see the flutter app’s Design of your website and customize its design? – The free FluxBuilder tool is your solution! The videos below guide to integrate with your website and customize the app easily by the drag-and-drop FluxBuilder tool. You also can check out FluxBuilder CheckList to know the overview of […]