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Announcing FluxBuilder 1.7.0

Following the successes of the 1.6.1 version, InspireUI upgraded FluxBuilder one of the most user-friendly and powerful no-code App Builders available today, to version 1.7.0🚀 Try Now

Accompanying the newly released version are not only powerful internal upgrades that significantly optimize the app creation process, but also the trendiest features such as ⛳️chatGPT, BioMetric, FluxGPT (Open AI) application, and tons of amazing new features⚡️ of FluxStore 3.8.0

🎯 We’re also preparing to launch a premium brand new FluxBuilder Agency version for the White label App Builder. If you are interested, please contact [email protected] for a call.

Let’s discover Fluxbuilder 1.7.0 — an endless power no-coding app development

8whole new features are natively integrated and supported directly on FluxBuilder:
🎉 FluxGPT app with native OpenAI core
🌈 Fullscreen experience mode
⚡️ Shopping more conveniently with the Video Widget on the app.
⭐️ Product Add-Ons config
📈 Google Analytics config
💰 Midtrans payment gateway support
💰 Totally available with In-App purchases
💳 Convenient Stripe Payment on Shopify

5significant advancements:

⚡️ Biometrics Login available
⭐️ ChatGPT in SmartChat
🗾 Query Radius in Google Maps
🥂 Expand information on Product Detail
⛳️ Guest Checkout on the Shopify app

The detailed explanation is also updated via the Changelog page.

Release your app’s true performance with Fluxbuilder 1.7.0 — The ultimate app builder solution

1. FluxGPT app 🎉

A flexible platform, FluxBuilder 1.7.0 provides a wealth of capabilities to assist developers in building their own mobile applications. One of its newest aids, is the FluxGPT flutter mobile app, a powerful ChatGPT, OpenAI Writing Assistant & Image Generator.

It is possible to build your app with your WordPress website or without a website.

FluxGPT app — ChatGPT, OpenAI Writing Assistant & Image Generator

This app provides a writing assistant that can help you with everything from generating ideas and brainstorming to crafting entire articles and blog posts.

But that’s not all — FluxGPT also includes an advanced image generation feature, powered by AI technology. With just a few clicks, you can generate stunning images to accompany your written content, making your work stand out and engage your audience like never before.

2. Fullscreen mode 🌈

The ability to hide the TabBar when opening a tab, except for the default tab, is an essential feature for app developers who want to create a seamless user experience.

With this feature, users can easily navigate through different tabs without being distracted by the TabBar, which can sometimes take up valuable screen space. The ability to hide the TabBar is especially useful for apps that have a lot of content to display, such as social media apps or news apps.

Fullscreen mode — hide the TabBar, a seamless user experience

3. Shopping Video Widget ️⚡️ ️️️

The ability to support a video list view that resembles the popular formats used by TikTok and YouTube Shorts, with .mp4 files, is a highly desirable feature for app developers who want to provide their users with a seamless and engaging experience. By enabling users to easily access and view videos on their app, developers can improve user engagement and retention rates. Video Widget —improve user engagement and retention rates.

The capability to load the video list from the TabBar is among the most crucial aspects of implementing InspireUI’s app builder. Users won’t have to go through a lot of screens or menus to get to the video list because of this easy navigational system.

Shopping Video Widget — you will not see the video list on the simulator but it works well on real devices

4. Product Add-Ons ⭐️

By allowing customers to upload files directly from the Product page, developers can create a more streamlined and convenient process for their customers, especially for Drug Store or Online Medicine Store, that needs to upload the prescription.

This feature can be achieved through the integration of a secure and reliable file upload system that supports various file formats and sizes.

Product Add-Ons — upload files directly from the Product page

5. Google Analytics 📈

Dreams come true with marketers when FluxBuilder now can easily configure to enable Google Analytics to track their orders through one of the most common traffic and data analysis tools.

Google Analytics — track user engagement, conversion rates

One effective way to implement this feature is through the use of Firebase analytics, which is a powerful analytics tool that provides developers with insights into user behavior and engagement. By integrating Firebase analytics into the app, developers can track user activity and behavior related to order tracking, and use this information to improve the user experience.

Firebase Analytics also provides a range of measurement tools, which can be used to track user engagement, conversion rates, and other key metrics related to order tracking.

6. Midtrans Payment Gateway 💰

FluxBuilder proves that InspireUI always heads to the international community through research and applying the Midtrans payment gateway for Indonesia.

This is a valuable feature for app developers who want to provide their users with a seamless and convenient payment experience. With the Midtrans payment gateway integrated into their app, developers can offer their users a reliable and secure payment method that supports a range of payment options and methods.

Indonesia Midtrans Payment — heads to the international community

With the extended license available on the FluxStore apps, FluxBuilder is the app builder that allows the developer to unlock additional features and functionality that make it even easier to manage payments and disburse funds.

7. In-App Purchases 💰

With in-app purchases functions, users now easily make payments for their purchases without having to leave the app or navigate to a third-party payment gateway.

The integration of an In-App Purchase system that automatically detects when the product price is the same as the In-App Purchase products on the AppStore. When a user clicks on the Buy Now button in the Product Detail screen, the system will automatically route the payment through the In-App Purchase system, providing a seamless and hassle-free payment experience for the user.

This feature is also available on WooCommerce and can be accessed through the extended license.

In-App Purchases — purchases without having to leave the app

8. Convenient Stripe Payment on Shopify 💳

The flexible checkout feature in the FluxStore Shopify app allows users to choose from a variety of payment options, including Card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. This feature is powered by Stripe, a secure and reliable payment gateway that enables seamless and hassle-free transactions.

Stripe Payment on Shopify — Card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay

The flexible checkout feature is available for users who have access to the extended license, and it can be easily integrated into the app using the pay package on With this feature, shop owners can offer their users a more convenient and personalized payment experience, which can help to drive greater engagement and retention.

Important Improvements in this Mobile App Builder

There are many powerful improvements on the FluxBuidler 1.7.0, such as:

⚡️ Biometrics Login: a convenient and secure method for authorizing access to your app using features like Face ID or Touch ID.
This method eliminates the need to remember account usernames and passwords, making the login process quicker and simpler. Biometrics Login is particularly useful when logging in, checking out, or using the wallet function within the app:

Biometrics Login — Face ID or Touch ID

⭐️ ChatGPT in SmartChat: SmartChat in FluxStore apps now supports ChatGPT, a powerful AI writing assistant. With an extended license, users can enjoy the benefits of ChatGPT, which provides suggestions and assistance with writing tasks, making written communication easier and more effective:

ChatGPT in SmartChat — a powerful AI writing assistant

🗾 Query Radius in Google MapsFluxStore Listing and FluxStore Multi Vendors apps offer a feature called Query Radius in Google Map, which allows users to see search results within a specified distance from their current location, making it easier to find what they need when using these apps:

Query Radius in Google Maps — search results within a specified distance

🥂 Expand information on the Product Detail page: the ability to show or hide expanded product information and descriptions. Users can customize their shopping experience to suit their needs. This feature can help users make more informed purchasing decisions and improve their overall satisfaction with the app:

Expand information on the Product Detail page — show or hide

⛳️ Guest Checkout Payment: a new feature of the FluxStore Shopify app that allows customers to complete their purchases without logging in:

Guest Checkout Payment  purchases without logging in

This feature can improve the user experience by reducing the amount of information users need to provide to complete a purchase. It can also be a useful tool for converting first-time customers into repeat customers by providing a seamless checkout process.

What is next coming?

There are some next important milestones that will be coming soon:

  • The FluxBuilder on both Web and Mobile versions will be upgraded in May.
  • 🎯We’re also preparing to launch a premium brand new FluxBuilder Agency version for the White label App Builder🎯. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] to schedule a call and cooperation.

Your feedbacks shape FluxBuilder’s future and furthermore

Together, we make FluxBuilder the Best Flutter App Builder ❤️

Your feedback is invaluable in improving our product and making it even more user-friendly. We highly appreciate all your contribution ideas and suggestions with us at our Support Center or email [email protected]

So, If you want to stay ahead of the game, be a part of the FluxBuilder family, and never miss a beat, follow InspireUI’s social media channels right now. You’ll be the first to know about any updates or new features that we release:

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