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Guide to use

This section shows you the way to install FluxBuilder and how to use this awesome tool. You can refer and subscribe to the Youtube InspireUI Channel for free instructional videos.

1. Download and Install

Where to download FluxBuilder?

  • Search on App Stores if you are using Macbook, iPad, iPhone.
  • Search on Google Play if you are using Android smartphone, tablet.
  • Download from Download link (in Assets) if you are using Windows. Then unzip and install it.

2. Guide to use

When using, if you get question, please go to Common Questions page for more information.

Step 1

Purchase a Fluxstore app in codecanyon.


Step 2

Open FluxBuilder tool. Then select the button corresponding to your website:


  • For wordpress (FluxNews app), select “WordPress” button
  • For Listing (Fluxstore Listing app), select “Listeo Directory”

Step 3

Input your website’s information, customize your app.


  • Input the purchase code, select [Active The License] button, content of config_en.json will display. Copy it and replace to your config_en.json file in source code.
  • The config_en.json is English language. For another language, you just need to duplicate it, change the name (e.g. config_ar.json), and translate the content of file to that language.
  • After using FluxBuilder tool, we recommend users to continue with document guide for other features if needed, then publish to app store & google play.
  • For FluxNews app, refer other features and publish to app store and google play.

3. Next step

Go to the next Common Questions page for some faq.

If the product is useful, please support the team by giving us some ⭐️ Rating. Thank you & happy coding 😊

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