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Guide to use

This guide shows you the way to install FluxBuilder and how to use this awesome tool. You can refer and subscribe to the Youtube InspireUI Channel for free instructional videos.

1. Download and Install

Where to download FluxBuilder?

2. Guide to use

This FluxBuilder tool is compatible with these websites: WooCommerce, Woocommerce Multi Vendors (with dokan or wcfm), Shopify, Opencart 3.x, WordPress, Magento 2.x, Prestashop, StrapiListeoMy ListingListingPro. To see how your app looks like and customize your app Design, do these steps:

Step 1

Sign up a new account and Sign In successfully following this guide.

Step 2

Integrate with your Website. You will input your website’s information to see how your app looks like.

  1. Select “DASHBOARD”, then “Create New App”:
  1. Input your domain/website’s information as image below. Do not input sub-folder domain like this Please change to subdomain or main domain. FluxStore apps does not support the sub-folder domain because it causes Rest API issue.
  • If getting failed, please be sure you input https instead of http
  • If you get “WooCommerce Connectivity” failed, it means your REST APIs are not enabled on your website, please enable Rest API by following Step 1: Setup Rest API or this guide
  • If “CS & CK Authorization” and “CS & CK Validation” are failed, be sure you have inputted the correct Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, following this guide.
  • If your products or its images are not displayed, please setup the Regenerate Image plugin following this guide. After setup, please be sure your site plugin has regenerated thumbnail like this
  1. Select a template for your app:
Currently FluxBuilder tool is just supporting the app Design, not features. So don’t worry if you see some features do not work. On the Fluxstore/FluxNews app, these current features work normally.

Step 3

Customize the Design of your app. For more detail, please refer to this guide.

Why can’t i drag the elements? – You need to press & hold in 3-4 seconds then drag & drop

Step 4

Install your app. After designing your app via FluxBuilder tool, click “Active Now” button, input your purchase code of FluxStore app, click “Activate License”:

Just input the purchase code of FluxStore app that you have bought.

Click “Release” on the left menu. Then copy the content of the design file and replace to the lib/config/config_en.json file in the source code of Fluxstore app:

The config_en.json is English language. For another language, you just need to duplicate it, change the name (e.g. config_ar.json), and translate the content of file to that language.

Also update the lib/common/config.dart file with your website’s information, example FluxStore Multi Vendors app

Then follow this guide to install on android studio, custom your Features, and create your own app on both iOS and Android.

Check out Flutter apps can use with FluxBuilder tool

Read more information about FluxBuilder

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