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Customize the app design without resubmitting to app stores

Hi friends, you have already published your app on App Store and Google Play, and now you have the demand to customize your app design? So what is the easy solution?

You can either be able to modify the source code as our detailed documentation or do that in a much easier way by using the drag and drop FluxBuilder. This tool is completely free, and you do not need to rebuild your app on the App Store and Google Play(**).

(**): If you just customize the design that is configured on the config_xx.json file, you do not need to rebuild. Where xx stands for the language, for example, config_ar.json is the JSON config file of the Arabic language. The config_xx.json file is stored in lib/config folder in source code of Fluxstore apps.

You just need to follow the actions below step by step:

  • Firstly, Download and install the FluxBuilder tool which is available on both Windows and Mac OS versions.
  • Secondly, Sign up and sign in to the FluxBuilder and select a platform that fits your website type: Woocommerce, Opencart, Magento, WordPress, Woocommerce with Dokan, Listing App, Shopify, or Google Sheet. Then input your website’s information.
  • After that, select the “Load JSON data” button to load your current config_xx.json file (which stored in lib/config/ folder in Fluxstore app’s source code). For example, your application on App Store is displaying the Arabic language, and you are using the config_ar.json file, so you will select the “Load JSON data” button and refer to that config_ar.json file, FluxBuilder tool will display the design instantly as the video below:
  • Up to now, you can customize the design to your desire. You can refer to this video to see sample customization:
  • Last but not least, after finishing the customization, upload the new config_xx.json to the Mstore-API like the video below. Steps: go to https://your-website/wp-admin, on the left menu select Mstore-API, Choose File, refer to the new config_xx.json > Save.

Thank you for reading! We are doing our best to bring more benefits and enjoyable experience for customers. Therefore, please read the documentation carefully to avoid time-consuming when dealing with your problems.

For any suggestions, feel free to contact us at All of your contribution ideas are very appreciated!

P/S: For the new one, you still can use this FluxBuilder tool to customize your app design. And don’t forget to read carefully the guide of the FluxBuilder tool to be sure you don’t miss any step. But believe me, just simple steps.

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