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Read this to know more 🙂

Yes, you will get the full source code package and also the free WordPress plugins (if the product require to connect via Rest API).

Yes, some apps are made by React Native framework, some apps are made by Flutter framework. They support to release for both iOS and Android.

Yes, you will get the free upgrade with more awesome features coming, please follow the change logs to see the detail update. You will get the notify email for new version update on stores.

As per Envato Marketplace Terms, the Extended License applies to all applications that charge money to their users. In case your users will not be charged with money through your own version of this app, you can still buy it under a Regular license. Therefore, you must buy this template under and Extended License if your plans are either one or more of the following:

  • Add In-App Purchase or any other Payment Gateway in the source code and publish the app for free on the App/Play Store. Please note that if you want to publish your own version of this application for FREE only, then you can still buy it under a Regular License.
  • Publish this application as a PAID app on the App Store.
  • Transfer the live app of your own version of this app on the App/Play Store to another owner by selling your ownership on or similar marketplaces.

IMPORTANT: You are NOT allowed to sell or share the original source code of this template anywhere due to copyright infringement.

Regular License:  suitable for Single Developer, Technical User who loves coding.  He will own:

  • Full Mobile source code.
  • Documentation and related Assets.
  • Use in a single end product.
  • Technical questions about the item.

Extended License:  suitable for Agency Company, Developer Team, Non-Technical Users. You own:

  • Full Mobile source code.
  • Documentation and related Assets.
  • Use in a single end product.
  • Technical questions about the item.
  • Use in an end product that can be sold.
  • Teamviewer Remote Support in 60 minutes.
  • Support/Question for the Integration.
For the price of each license, please check more detail on codecanyon

Please go to to describe issue.

Importance: Remember to share the proof of purchased screenshot from to save time and get answers soon.

Please see the detail guide:

  • Thank you for reaching please follow the format below to create a new ticket, please explain as more detail as possible and allow 24 – 48 hours to receive an answer to your ticket.
  • Try to explain your all problems in one ticket, instead of creating multi tickets.
  • After creating an issue, please copy the URL to the Product link on – to help us know you have purchased our product (example:
  • IMPORTANT: We will close the ticket if you could not prove as our customer.

The cost for installing will be 500usd/store or 900usd / both stores (Appstore & Google Play).

Please send the website link and the needed detail to 

Currently it’s not including these files. By the way, we have a website which has already configured all. You can download freely at

Both products will have the same features that explain from our promotion banner. The difference is that Fluxstore Pro is fully integrated with 3 frameworks:

1. WooCommerce –
2. Magento –
3. Opencart –
(All of them are open source, you can use any templates).

The Fluxstore WooCommerce only supports for Woocommerce, similar to our best-seller Mstore-Pro app.

For more information about the product, please check out the demo on both iOS, Android or visit our document:

The Fluxstore Pro only supports for one Vendor/Store owner. Let’s say you have your own website and sell your own products, then this app is met all the requirements, example website:

The Fluxstore Multi-Vendor supports for the business same as the Marketplace. There are many Vendors/Store owners. They could register, sell their products, and get the withdraw payment from the Marketplace admin, example website: or

The basic difference is the technology that we are using. Mstore is using React Native (made by Facebook –, while Fluxstore is using Flutter (made by Google –

Both technologies are awesome frameworks, support to build on both iOS and Android.

Both MStore and Flutter are also great products from InspireUI, with elegant design and rich functionalities. So it will depend on your love on which technology. ReactJS or Dart is your choice :grin:

The basic difference is about the feature:

– Mstore Pro is suitable for one Shop owner (Vendor) who would like to sell their own products and manage on one website.

– Mstore Multi-Vendor likes the marketplace (like Amazon) that allow Multi-Vendor to sell their products. It also supports the Vendor to upload their products through the website and well to the market easily.

The basic difference is the tools that used to run the project (similar to this guide The expo version will easy to set up and install, the cli (Mstore Pro) version is more flexible to install new native component such as Facebook Account kit, Onesignal login…

Both apps support for Listing Directory business and most of the features are the same. ListPro only supports the ListingPro template. ListApp supports for following templates: Listable, MyListing and Listify (these wordpress templates are sold separately and from other Authors).