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Common Question and Answer

Yes, you will get the full source code package and also the free WordPress plugins (if the product require to connect via Rest API).

Yes, some apps are made by React Native framework, some apps are made by Flutter framework. They support to release for both iOS and Android.

Yes, you will get the free upgrade with more awesome features coming, please follow the change logs to see the detail update. You will get the notify email for new version update on stores.

Currently it’s not including these files. By the way, we have a website which has already configured all. You can download freely at

As Envato’s policy, one purchase of code you could use for one website.

IMPORTANT: You are NOT allowed to sell or share the source code of this template anywhere due to copyright infringement. It is protected by Envato’s policy.

Let’s buy our products on Codecanyon (or on our purchase links) to support our efforts, to get the great support, to get the free upgrade with more awesome features coming. We are carefully checking your purchase to ensure our true customers get good service. Thank you 

Please buy our products on Codecanyon
Or refer the purchase link on our website

Important: Our purchase links are only available on above links. Please buy from them to get our great support. We are carefully checking your purchase to ensure our true customers get good service. Thank you for your interest in products.

With Fluxstore apps, you should check if your issue is same with 

If not, please post a ticket on (select Login > “Sign in with Envato instead”). Our technical guy will help to check and feedback.


  • Try to explain your all problems in one ticket, instead of creating multi tickets.
  • Take a picture of error in code. Don’t copy all your error code then paste to the ticket, it will too long and we can not notice it.


Yes, we provide the installation service and publish to Appstore & Google Play with a fee.

After purchasing the app, please send the website link and the needed detail to 

If your app sells products, example your app sells clothes, foods,… you should buy the extended license.

Or if you are a freelancer and distribute the product to your Client as Paid service to customize the app.

Please check our Support Policies for more detail explain –

Both products will have the same features that explain from our promotion banner. The difference is that Fluxstore Pro is fully integrated with 3 frameworks:

1. WooCommerce –
2. Magento –
3. Opencart –
(All of them are open source, you can use any templates).

The Fluxstore WooCommerce only supports for Woocommerce, similar to our best-seller Mstore-Pro app.

For more information about the product, please check out the demo on both iOS, Android or visit our document:

The Fluxstore Pro only supports for one Vendor/Store owner. Let’s say you have your own website and sell your own products, then this app is met all the requirements, example website:

The Fluxstore Multi-Vendor supports for the business same as the Marketplace. There are many Vendors/Store owners. They could register, sell their products, and get the withdraw payment from the Marketplace admin, example website: or

The basic difference is the technology that we are using. Mstore is using React Native (made by Facebook –, while Fluxstore is using Flutter (made by Google –

Both technologies are awesome frameworks, support to build on both iOS and Android.

Both MStore and Flutter are also great products from InspireUI, with elegant design and rich functionalities. So it will depend on your love on which technology. ReactJS or Dart is your choice 

The basic difference is about the feature:

– Mstore Pro is suitable for one Shop owner (Vendor) who would like to sell their own products and manage on one website.

– Mstore Multi-Vendor likes the marketplace (like Amazon) that allow Multi-Vendor to sell their products. It also supports the Vendor to upload their products through the website and well to the market easily.

Please note that we do not provide the website or backend. The difference as below:
– FluxStore Pro: this is multi-purpose Flutter app compatible with Woocommerce, Opencart 3.x, or Magento 2.x, if you have already released the website or setup new sites, this product is suitable for your requirements.

– FluxStore Multi Vendor: use this app to build your own marketplace like Amazon, Alibaba…, compatible with Woocommerce website and require to install Dokan or WCFM plugin.

– FluxStore WooCommerce: this product is similar to FluxStore Pro, but only support for any WooCommerce.

– FluxNews: compatible with any WordPress templates.

– FluxStore Listing : use to build innovative apps like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Yelp or FourSquare, require to install one of following WooCommerce templates: Listeo, ListingPro, or MyListing

– FluxStore Shopify: compatible with any Shopify stores.

– FluxStore PrestaShop: compatible with any PrestaShop website.